Tantric Massage Video

This tantric massage video section was not initially on my mind when I thought about putting together a website that is dedicated to teach people simple massage techniques for everyday life.

But I recently recognized a trend on the internet, where many so-called tantric massage video clips are shown that do not really reflect the true nature of tantra.

I'm by far not an expert, but I have seen over time that the western world (I'm sorry about the cliché) is sometimes stripping the essence of a spiritual path of the East, to westernize it and therefore to make it more digestible for an industry focusing much more on adult contents rather than on the art of massage.

Tantra is a very time consuming and in most cases unsuccessful spiritual practice. It is actually quite dangerous to not have the supervision of a bona fide teacher. It involves chanting of mantras, meditation and Kundalini Yoga techniques. Tantra is a way to utilize, control and redirect the sexual energy, it is not about having better and longer ...

I want to present you here two techniques that go far beyond what you usually see in the regular Tantra Massage Video you will find on the net. My techniques are not just useful for the Yogi, but are great for everybody.

These are techniques to decrease blockages of the chi and therefore increase of energy flow, an indication for well-being.

Tantric Massage Video: Diaphragm Release

Length: 2:26 minutes
This Tantric Massage Video shows you how to release the energy from the diaphragm. This will enable the chi to flow more freely and you to breathe more openly.