Reflexology Foot Massage

Foot reflexology is based on a similar principle than acupressure, that organs and body structures can be stimulated or sedated from a distance through so called pressure points. Foot reflexology is like Acupressure based on an energetic system in the body, meaning that there are no anatomically visible connections between the pressure points on the feet and the corresponding organs.

Compare it to a complex remote control system. So if you press a certain button it does something to the corresponding body area. But unlike a remote where each button has only one function (to turn something on or off), all the reflexology points are also sending out different messages according to the quality of the pressure. That means the way you manipulate the pressure point determines the effect that it has on the remote target (organ, body structure, etc.)

Even though many cultures (India, China, Native America) had some practice in reflexology, it was not until the early 20th century that the western world embraced reflexology as one of the most powerful manual therapies.

Even though you can perform reflexology on the hands and the ears, the most popular form is foot reflexology. It is based on the principle that if you look at the soles of the feet you can see a representation of the body (Foot massage diagram), with the toes representing the head and neck area etc.

Reflexology therapists created a map that shows all the organs and body structures reflected in the soles. If you want to influence a certain area and you don't have any access to it directly (like an inner organ) you can use these points.

But that is not all: The body is a very complex systems and there are interconnections between organs that need to be understood. Too many people think that they can just learn reflexology by learning the maps. Foot reflexology has only become such a powerful manual therapy, because the effort lies on proper diagnosis. It takes a lot of experience to recognize an underlying problem and you need to be able to determine whether something is a problem or not.

Relexology Foot Massage Video

Length: 6:18 minutes
Nice video about the basic principles of foot reflexology massage.

Learning reflexology from a book has become very popular, but learning it from a master will lead to greater success.

Relexology Foot Pre-Massage Video

Length: 6:53 minutes
Nice video about the pre-massage for foot reflexology.



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