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In the category of Asian Massage Video you will be able to find information about Japanese Massage, Thai Massage and Chinese Massage. Although many internet user connect Asian massage to adult content, I want to emphasize that there are some beautiful and very powerful massage styles created in Asia and it is important to understand that their philosophy of the body and the treatments are entirely different then what the Western world is used to.

My first Asian Massage Video shows a technique that fits into the Japanese Massage tradition as well as the Chinese Massage tradition. I've learned it from a Chinese massage therapist, but the principle could be used in any of the massage styles that focuses on manipulating the flow of the life force (Chi or Ki).

The Asian energy system is based on the principle of polarity. Energy flows through the entire body and changes it's quality from male to female, Yin to Yang, however you want to characterize it. Two opposing qualities of energies. If they are in balance, you are healthy. If they are not, then probably you are sick in one way or other.

Asian Massage tries to manipulate the energy, eliminate blockages of the flow and reinstall balance and harmonize the two qualities of the life energy.

Learning these different massages has equipped me with a whole different point of view of disease, chronic conditions etc. It has made it possible to make a difference, when people sometimes didn't get better through Western treatment protocols.

Asian Massage Video: Tonify the Yin

Length: 2:54 minutes
This Asian Massage Video shows a simple Chinese massage technique (called Tonifying Yin) for Stress Relief. Great for nervous and restyle... More

The above shown Asian Massage Video should give you a taste of how easy you can change a person's mood, emotional status, stress tolerance etc.

I will show more installments of Asian Massage Video in the future, so please check back frequently.