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Full Body Massage Video

Looking for a full body massage video clip? There are currently no free videos available on the Internet that will show you very much. Many website are using extremely short clips just as teasers, to get you on their site and buy their products.

But free-massage-videos.com is different. We want to offer you everything you need to for a full body massage absolutely free.

We approached this matter in two ways. We have created a video clip that shows a relaxing full body massage technique that can be done in 10-20 minutes. It is easy to learn and feels great. Many of our clients love this technique.

For people who are interested in more details massage work, I made videos that show how to massage a particular area of the body.

These video clips show a foot massage, face massage, head massage, belly massage, back massage techniques, shoulder massage, neck massage, thigh massage or hand massage.

Again, on free-massage-videos.com you are getting the full techniques, not just teasers.

Perhaps the advantage of learning in bits and pieces is that it gives you a wider variety and more content to explore. Ultimately, when you put all those techniques together you will end up with something even bigger than just a full body massage video clip.

The Internet has become a trading place for skills for a long time, but now through the use of video, there are even more possibilities to do so.

Full Body Massage Video Clip 1

Length: 5:11 minutes
Everybody can follow this full body massage video clip! So simple but yet so powerful. No skills necessary. Work on the back first.

Full Body Massage Video Clip 2

Length: 9:12 minutes
This is the work on the front side of the body. Get into the groove! It will pay off.

Lomi Lomi Massage Video

Hawaiian massage therapy is also called Lomi Lomi massage. Lomi Lomi means basically "loving hands" and I think it definitely characterizes this massage style from Hawaii in its very essence.

Handed down from Polynesian ancestors and healers, Hawaiian massage has become very popular over the last few years. Different families used different techniques, so there is not just one Hawaiian massage style. It was used inside the family to treat minor aches and pains, but was also given to the Hawaiian chiefs to promote proper digestion and well being.

What connects all these styles is the continuous flow of the techniques applied. Whether you use palms, forearms, fingers, knuckles, elbows etc., it leaves the client with a feeling that the strokes are one continuous move from begin to end of the massage session.

If you have never experience lomi lomi massage, then you need to do that. When I first saw it a few years back, I was amazed by the elegance of this massage technique. It reminded me much on the flow that you can see in martial arts techniques like Tai Qui.

Hawaiian massage teaches a lot about harmony of different body parts and an awareness of the body as a whole. This is a great achievement, which sometimes gets lost in other massage styles.

But it is not just a physical pleasure, this massage technique is also intended to influence, relax and de-stress your mental, emotional and even spiritual being.

Lomi Lomi Massage Video

Length: 3:32 minutes
If your looking to relax your partner, you cant go past the traditional lomi lomi massage

Lomi Lomi massage is not just a common massage technique in Hawaii, but it has also become very popular in Japan and Europe.

Reflexology Foot Massage

Foot reflexology is based on a similar principle than acupressure, that organs and body structures can be stimulated or sedated from a distance through so called pressure points. Foot reflexology is like Acupressure based on an energetic system in the body, meaning that there are no anatomically visible connections between the pressure points on the feet and the corresponding organs.

Compare it to a complex remote control system. So if you press a certain button it does something to the corresponding body area. But unlike a remote where each button has only one function (to turn something on or off), all the reflexology points are also sending out different messages according to the quality of the pressure. That means the way you manipulate the pressure point determines the effect that it has on the remote target (organ, body structure, etc.)

Even though many cultures (India, China, Native America) had some practice in reflexology, it was not until the early 20th century that the western world embraced reflexology as one of the most powerful manual therapies.

Even though you can perform reflexology on the hands and the ears, the most popular form is foot reflexology. It is based on the principle that if you look at the soles of the feet you can see a representation of the body (Foot massage diagram), with the toes representing the head and neck area etc.

Reflexology therapists created a map that shows all the organs and body structures reflected in the soles. If you want to influence a certain area and you don't have any access to it directly (like an inner organ) you can use these points.

But that is not all: The body is a very complex systems and there are interconnections between organs that need to be understood. Too many people think that they can just learn reflexology by learning the maps. Foot reflexology has only become such a powerful manual therapy, because the effort lies on proper diagnosis. It takes a lot of experience to recognize an underlying problem and you need to be able to determine whether something is a problem or not.

Relexology Foot Massage Video

Length: 6:18 minutes
Nice video about the basic principles of foot reflexology massage.

Learning reflexology from a book has become very popular, but learning it from a master will lead to greater success.

Relexology Foot Pre-Massage Video

Length: 6:53 minutes
Nice video about the pre-massage for foot reflexology.

Asian Massage Video

In the category of Asian Massage Video you will be able to find information about Japanese Massage, Thai Massage and Chinese Massage. Although many internet user connect Asian massage to adult content, I want to emphasize that there are some beautiful and very powerful massage styles created in Asia and it is important to understand that their philosophy of the body and the treatments are entirely different then what the Western world is used to.

My first Asian Massage Video shows a technique that fits into the Japanese Massage tradition as well as the Chinese Massage tradition. I've learned it from a Chinese massage therapist, but the principle could be used in any of the massage styles that focuses on manipulating the flow of the life force (Chi or Ki).

The Asian energy system is based on the principle of polarity. Energy flows through the entire body and changes it's quality from male to female, Yin to Yang, however you want to characterize it. Two opposing qualities of energies. If they are in balance, you are healthy. If they are not, then probably you are sick in one way or other.

Asian Massage tries to manipulate the energy, eliminate blockages of the flow and reinstall balance and harmonize the two qualities of the life energy.

Learning these different massages has equipped me with a whole different point of view of disease, chronic conditions etc. It has made it possible to make a difference, when people sometimes didn't get better through Western treatment protocols.

Asian Massage Video: Tonify the Yin

Length: 2:54 minutes
This Asian Massage Video shows a simple Chinese massage technique (called Tonifying Yin) for Stress Relief. Great for nervous and restyle... More

The above shown Asian Massage Video should give you a taste of how easy you can change a person's mood, emotional status, stress tolerance etc.

I will show more installments of Asian Massage Video in the future, so please check back frequently.

Tantric Massage Video

This tantric massage video section was not initially on my mind when I thought about putting together a website that is dedicated to teach people simple massage techniques for everyday life.

But I recently recognized a trend on the internet, where many so-called tantric massage video clips are shown that do not really reflect the true nature of tantra.

I'm by far not an expert, but I have seen over time that the western world (I'm sorry about the cliché) is sometimes stripping the essence of a spiritual path of the East, to westernize it and therefore to make it more digestible for an industry focusing much more on adult contents rather than on the art of massage.

Tantra is a very time consuming and in most cases unsuccessful spiritual practice. It is actually quite dangerous to not have the supervision of a bona fide teacher. It involves chanting of mantras, meditation and Kundalini Yoga techniques. Tantra is a way to utilize, control and redirect the sexual energy, it is not about having better and longer ...

I want to present you here two techniques that go far beyond what you usually see in the regular Tantra Massage Video you will find on the net. My techniques are not just useful for the Yogi, but are great for everybody.

These are techniques to decrease blockages of the chi and therefore increase of energy flow, an indication for well-being.

Tantric Massage Video: Diaphragm Release

Length: 2:26 minutes
This Tantric Massage Video shows you how to release the energy from the diaphragm. This will enable the chi to flow more freely and you to breathe more openly.